Wear your school uniform with pride. Looking smart leads to smart learning!

Parents/carers can find out more about the schools uniform requirements here.

You can order our school uniform from School Trends.

Why do we have a school uniform?

• To show that we belong to a special community
• To show others that we are proud of our school
• To help us focus on our learning rather than what everybody is wearing!

Parents and carers… please give us a head start on maintaining a purposeful learning environment by sticking to our uniform and dress code – it really does help!

Colne Engaine School Uniform

We like the children to wear school colours, which are Red (Post Office Red), black and white.

Personalised Colne Engaine book bags and sun hats are available for purchase via Schoolmoney

✓ Grey and black trousers (tailored) – no skinny, denim or canvas trousers please
✓ White shirt or white or red Polo Shirt
✓ Plain red (or personalised with school logo) pullover, jumper, cardigan or sweatshirt
✓ Grey skirt or pinafore dress
✓ Plain white,  black or red socks or tights
✓ Red and white check dress for summer
✓ Black Shoes – not trainers – low heeled. Black boots can be worn in winter.

P.E.(cloth drawstring PE bag with child’s name on outside)
✓ Black school shorts
✓ Red t-shirt
✓ Trainers – black
✓ Black Tracksuit – essential for cold weather

Labelling clothes

Identification of lost items is extremely difficult when so many clothes are similar in size and appearance. Please ensure that ALL items of clothing are clearly marked with your child’s name.

Snowy weather

We always aim to open the school in all weathers! If the weather is snowy when you wake up in the morning, please send your child into school in suitable clothing for playing in the snow- school uniform need not be worn. Wellies, hats, gloves, scarves should be brought to school and a change of clothes too.

Hair and Jewellery:

To comply with health and safety requirements in accordance with the ‘Health and Safety Policy’, the only permitted jewellery is small gold stud earrings. Extra studs, earrings or the piercing of any other part of the body is not permitted.  Children may wear watches to school. Analogue watches are recommended, as the design of these supports learning about time better than watches with digital displays. Children may wear ‘fitness’ watches that measure steps and such like. Children may not wear any watch that has the capacity to do the following:

  • connect to the internet or mobile phone,
  • record audio,
  • record still and/or moving images
  • record audio and still and/or moving images.

Children are not permitted to wear any watches or jewellery if, in the school’s judgement, they detract from good behaviour and/or good learning or if it causes distraction, or causes a concern to the health and safety of the child or other individuals.

No jewellery may be worn during PE, swimming and games and children must be able to remove their earrings for physical activities.

If hair restricts vision, it must be tied back, throughout the school day, with a suitable band/scrunchie (large bows and flowers are not acceptable) and/or a soft hairband in school colours.  No plastic or hard hairbands are to be worn for PE activities.  Children who are unable to comply with these regulations will not be permitted to take part in these activities.

Where hair is braided, beads may not be included. Dyed hair, hair colouring, any additions, or hair extensions are also not permitted. No use of hair gel or other hair products is permitted.  Shaved patterns in hair are not acceptable for school.

The wearing of make-up, including nail varnish, is not permitted. Children are not permitted to wear false nails.

Other notes:

  • Trousers – school style black or grey. No ‘skinny jeans’ styles or fabrics please.
  • Plain white, grey, red or black socks or tights only please.
  • Tailored shorts can be worn with thick black tights – no sheer or patterned tights under shorts please.
  • No nail varnish please.
  • Long hair tied back and hairbands should be scrunchies or should be small and discreet.
  • Skirts – black or grey – knee-length or just above the knee styles only please.
  • Shoes – black school shoes only please. No trainer style shoes.
  • In winter, school boots can be worn – dark colours please.
  • No jewellery except for small stud earrings and wristwatches. This includes friendship bracelets or charity bands.
  • School jumpers and polo shirts can be purchased School trends.  Plain red jumpers can also be worn.