Our Governance

The Diocese of Chelmsford Vine Schools Trust

The Vine Schools Trust is a multi-academy trust and is the accountable body for all twenty three of its schools. Therefore, the overarching responsibility for the governance of the Trust and its schools lies with the Vine Board of Directors.  They fulfil the three core functions of governance, as defined by central government:

  • Strategic Leadership
  • Accountability and Assurance
  • Strategic Engagement

To enable the Directors to fulfil their responsibility School Governance Boards work on their behalf and undertake delegated local governance of between one and four schools.  Colne Engaine CE Primary School has a Governance Board which is unique to it.  The functions delegated to the Governance Board or to the Headteacher can be seen on the Scheme of Delegation in the Downloads section below.

The key principle is that the two Boards and Executive Leaders will each support different aspects of governance so that the overall responsibilities of the Vine Schools Trust Board are all covered effectively. The structure is set out in this chart.

Our Governance Board

The Board accepts the three functions listed above but feels there are a number of other functions which are essential for the effective discharge of our responsibilities:

  1. To act as a support and a sounding board for school leaders, offer advice and challenge when appropriate or requested
  2. To monitor carefully how the school “walks the talk” to ensure the ethos and values are lived experiences for children
  3. To be concerned for the mental health and well-being of children, staff and Headteacher
  4. To be interested in the learning and well-being of pupils and the well-being and professional development of staff, including the HT
  5. To ensure the school has a carefully constructed, rich, broad and balanced curriculum which allows all children to flourish and achieve
  6. To ensure that all children have equal opportunities in their learning and that SEND policy and practice is supportive of inclusion
  7. To be ambassadors for, and champions of, the school
  8. To monitor safeguarding practice in the school
  9. To develop knowledge and understanding of all aspects of the school which can aid discussions at Board meetings
  10. To help sustain and further develop the effectiveness of the school as a church school by, among other things, maintaining links to the Parish Church and the PCC
  11. To provide a local view on any proposal being discussed by the Vine Schools Trust Board
  12. To help maintain and highlight ways to develop further links to the local community and the wider world

We meet twice a term and every member takes responsibility for keeping in touch with some aspect or aspects of the school;  in that way between us we have a rounded picture of life and learning at the school.  In the minutes in the Downloads section below you can see the range of items that we hope to cover over a period of time. We take our work very seriously and work to the Code of Conduct you can see in the Downloads section.

Members of our Governance Board currently

    Godfrey Evans (chair):representing the community
    Jane Lambert: representing the Parochial Church Council
    Doug McKenzie: representing the community
    Alison McKeown: representing staff
    Tom Owen: representing parents/carers
    Mark Payne: incumbent
    Sam Dunne: headteacher

Alex Hales: representing parents/carers

Vacancy:  a person with up to date experience of education