Art and Design at Colne Engaine

Our art and design curriculum fosters pupils’ imagination and creativity while giving them the appropriate subject knowledge, skills and understanding in investigating, creating and evaluating artwork as set out in the national curriculum.

At Colne Engaine Primary School, our long term plans are developed using the Chris Quigley knowledge milestones and companions to ensure progression across the school. We have confidence in the principle that the curriculum needs a ‘forwards and backwards’ approach where regular opportunities are given to retrieve prior knowledge and understanding of the key concepts and visual drivers (line, tone, texture, colour, pattern, shape and 3D form). This ensures that children’s knowledge of art and design is built on, year on year, and then within the year group pupils understanding is deepened not widened.

The focus on growing pupils’ skills through their learning experiences, provides them with the ability and confidence to share and express their individual interests, experiences, thoughts and ideas in a visual or tactile form. These visual and tactile forms of work may be created by individuals or be the efforts of many pupils who have created a large collaborative piece. Pupils are given opportunities to reflect, with increasing sensitivity, that enables pupils to make informed critical responses of their own work as well as others.

At Colne Engaine Primary School, we value and view art and design as an important part of every child’s entitlement to a broad and balanced curriculum. It provides pupils with the opportunities to learn about and be inspired by a diverse range of artists from throughout history and today. It is adapted to ensure it is relevant to our children and their community. The art and design curriculum is built on the school intent drivers. The school value of creativity is encouraged in all children. We develop cultural capital in a variety of ways such as virtual visits and trips, opening up possibilities for our pupils.

We want every child to feel confident in expressing themselves through their art, a tool that they can take with them as they move through primary school and beyond.

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