Sycamore Class

Home is not where we all expected to be at the beginning of this term, but Sycamore Class have really embraced it once again. We began our topic of ‘Being an Historian’, by exploring where the Angles, Saxons and Jutes were living and how the Roman Empire had dwindled. We then investigated how the Anglo Saxons came to be and what life was like for them.

We have had great fun unpicking the poem of Beowulf and then writing some wonderful character descriptions. We’ve developed our understanding of figurative language, explored the features of persuasive language and unpicked some tricky grammar too. We have read Romeo and Juliet and then wrote letters as characters from the play.

We have shown how fantastic we are at coding and developed an understanding of how coding is used in the world around us. We linked it to our maths work and even coded repeating patterns that could be used as a sewing pattern. In RE, we have begun to explore what life as a Buddhist may look like and the importance of the eight-fold path.

Throughout this half-term, we have really worked on our fluency as mathematicians and I have been so proud of how the class have been digging deep on some very tricky concepts like algebra.

The work has been really wonderful, the effort boundless and lessons may be online but Sycamore have shown that they have their BEN tool kit at home too and resourcefulness in bucket loads. Next term we will continue to deepen our understanding into our topics and think even more about life around the world at the same time as the Anglo Saxons and also how amazing it is to be a citizen of this world and what we see as our responsibilities.