Sycamore Class

Who is your ultimate sporting hero?

This Summer term, we will be discovering all about the history of the Olympics and how many sports began.. Not only will we be exploring and debating who might be classified as a sporting hero, but also learning about the history of sport and how important keeping fit is. Leaping back in time to Ancient Greece, we will investigate sources evidence and their reliability as well as  explore the legacy that the Ancient Greeks left behind.

In Literacy, we will develop our writing skills further through the genres of letter, description and information texts as well as continue with our big focus on reading. Reading  is so pinnacle to the whole curriculum, so developing stamina and fluency, alongside our love of reading and comprehension skills is always a big focus in Sycamore. Fluent readers can read quickly, accurately and with appropriate intonation and pace, so this is our aim for all Sycamore children!  A fluent reading style supports comprehension because children are freed from the focus of just word recognition. There are no quick ways to achieve this, so we are doing sustained focused reading regularly to help children really read without being distracted. Reading daily and widely will be encouraged both in school and at home.  We will access a wide range of high-quality texts through whole class reading and focus on the key reading domains of: vocabulary, inference, prediction, explanation, retrieval and summarising. So, grab an great book and join us on our reading journey. We will be reading a children’s version of The Odyssey and the Iliad this term.

In Science, we are going to be learning all about our bodies and how our circularity system works. We will also explore the evolution of humans.

RE this term will focus on Hinduism and we will explore what Hindus believe and how this this impacts on how they live their lives.

Year 6 will complete their SATs in May.

Do have a good look at the topic web for this term to see all the other exciting learning that we have planned.