Sycamore Class

Welcome to Sycamore Class page, which is our Year 5 and 6 class. This term we are ‘Being Scientists’ and through this, investigating and exploring  materials and their properties. Using our knowledge from our learning, we will be thinking about how we could survive in the wilderness and what materials might help us. Can we clean water enough to drink? Can we keep ourselves warm enough? What would be best to build shelters with?

Linking our learning, we will be getting to get to grips with four and six-figure grid references in Geography, how to read OS maps and being expert navigators. In Literacy, we will be writing about our experiences in the wilderness too.

We love reading in Sycamore Class and our class books to share this  half term are Malamander by Thomas Taylor  and Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. Immersing ourselves in stories and unpicking vocabulary is all part of our daily routine and we are challenging ourselves to be ambitious with the words we use.

In Design and Technology, we will be exploring materials to make ourselves a cushion to use on our adventures. We are looking at different materials and techniques including batiking.