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Welcome to Sycamore Class. We are a curious, determined and hardworking class of Year 5 and 6 children.

Being a Reporter

Can we believe everything we read?

This Autumn term, we will be discovering all about the influence and legacy of the Ancient Egyptians and why the Nile was so important. While being Ancient tomb robbers, we will investigate how important evidence is and how reliable it is in building a picture of times gone by. While being reporters, we will write about pharaohs, beliefs and  a Queen so powerful, but often forgotten- why? Were Howard Carter’s journals accurately? Did newspapers report their stories from Egypt accurately?

Jumping forward in time, we will explore where Egypt is and how it compares to the UK now. We will investigate what a tundra is. Map skills will have us investigating the key features of North Africa too.

As always, reading will continue to be a focus and is so pinnacle to the whole curriculum. Through our work on developing stamina and fluency, alongside our love of reading and comprehension skills we also use high-quality texts to support our ideas for writing. Fluent readers can read quickly, accurately and with appropriate intonation and pace, so this is our aim for all Sycamore children!

A fluent reading style supports comprehension because children are freed from the focus of just word recognition. There are no quick ways to achieve this, so we are doing sustained focused reading regularly to help children really read without being distracted. Reading daily and widely will be encouraged both in school and at home.

We will be reading Secrets of a Sun King this 1/2 term in class.

In Science, we are going to be learning all about material .Through investigations, we will compare and group together everyday materials based on evidence from comparative and fair tests, including their hardness, solubility, conductivity (electrical and thermal), and response to magnets and really think about the importance of the properties they have and how this drives how we use them.

RE this term will focus on Christianity through the exploration of the question was Jesus the Messiah? The children will explore ideas from the bible and then develop their own thinking about the answer to the question.

Learning at home – All children are expected to read at home four times per week – Reading books and reading records should be brought to school every day and we have a wonderful list of great books for the children to choose from too. Home learning is  based on the Learning passports and helps to reinforce previous learning or as research for new information.

We also encourage children to use TTRockstars, or another method, to continually rehearse their Times Tables, which really does help with success in maths.

Do look at our topic web for more information about our learning this term.