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Welcome to Rowan Class, home of Lower Key Stage 2 (Years 3 and 4).

Autumn Term ’23

Being an Explorer

Our theme this term dips into the bigger school wide theme of Being an Explorer. In History we step back in time right to the beginnings of history, The Stone Age. We’ll be considering archaeologist’s finds and what that could mean about life thousands of years ago. We look at Stonehenge, Star Carr and the settlement of Skara Bra as examples of what evidence of the past remains.  Our art links in with our history as we look at colour mixing, animals and cave art.

In geography we explore  more about the Globe and how we organise location on the planet.

Our science we become bright sparks as we look at electricity and link this in with our DT project this term.

We learn to use organize information in spreadsheets and keep ourselves safe in computing.

In music, we are lucky to have a specialist music teacher with us this term who will we teaching whole class recorder.

Of course the core skills of Literacy and maths underpin our studies this term as we continue to develop our skills in reading for fluency and understanding, writing and our mathematical skills.

We’ll also be checking back to recall some of our learning from previous terms as we check in with a regular Pop Quiz.

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