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Welcome to Rowan Class, home of Lower Key Stage 2 (Years 3 and 4).

Spring Term ’23

Being a Technologist 

This term we set off to discover why the Earth just can’t keep still through our study of Mountains, Volcanoes and Eathquakes. This geography led theme will take us on adventures around the world as we look at some of the world’s heighest peaks. We find out who the first people were to climb the world’s highest mountain and some of the difficulties that they encountered. We will link this theme into other subjects across the curriculum too including Literacy, art and DT, seeing how ideas link subjects together.

Facing some of the design challenges that engineers have to face, we will put our STEM skills to the test as we look at structures and how best to create a strong structure with the weakest of materials. Again we can link this to our geography and peak at some of the difficulties faced when designing a building to withstand an earthquake.

Our Art leans this term towards developing skills with collage and water colour, as we well as learning a little about the abstract artist Jackson Pollack.

In music we will have the privilege of whole class instrument teaching by a specialist teacher this term as we develop our skills and knowledge in how to play Toots.

Of course the core skills of Literacy and maths underpin our studies this term as we continue to develop our skills in reading for fluency and understanding, writing and our maths skills.

Being a technologist -Rowan