Rowan Class

Welcome to Rowan Class, home of Lower Key Stage 2  (Years 3 and 4).

Summer Term 2022 – Being a Sporting Giant

Being a ‘Sporting Giant’ is linked to our history theme this term where we learn about life in ancient Greece, the originators of Olympic Games- creaters of Sporting Giants.

Literacy and maths skills underpin other areas of the curriculum. We’ll be developing our skills in reading fluency and understanding of texts through exploring vocabulary, inference, prediction, evalutation and summary. We love hearing about a good book and enjoy our class novel. Writing skills begin in Literacy but continue into other subjects as we write for different purposes.

In science we’re investigating aspects of the Human Body, finding more about nutrition and our digestive system, as well we the skeleton and our teeth. We’ll also be looking at animals and how they are linked together via food chains.

In geography we’re starting off by looking at Europe as a whole, then investigating the country of Greece to find out a little more of what it is like.  We are catching with our friends at St Luke’s when they visit us and we get the chance to head into London to visit them. This is wonderful opportunity to make new friends as well as compare our two localities.

In music we’ll be developing our listening and singing skills this term and later in the term, will be taking part in a whole school production.

In PE we’re outdoors for athletics and summer sports of cricket and rounders.

To see what we’re up to in more depth, take a look at the currulum plan for the term on the link below.