Rowan Class

Welcome to Rowan Class, our Lower Key Stage 2 class.

It’s wonderful to be back in school after Lockdown last term and this summer we’re being Imagineers. Our curriculum links together, weaving in threads from different subjects to make a tapestry of learning. Through geography we’re learning about rivers and heading out on imagined journeys across Europe. We had great fun making model river systems with sand to learn about the vocabulary so that we talk more confidently about the subject. Our main driving subject this term is science and the amazing world of plants. Towards the end of the project, we’ll be setting our imaginations to work to apply all our learning and create a new species of plant for ourselves.

This Spring Term, we were in the virtual world, Rowan Class on-line. But that didn’t stop our learning and we were as busy as ever. We’re were’Being Historians’  as we studied Anglo-Saxon Britain. Through geography, we have used maps and on-line resources to learn about where the Anglo-Saxons came from in Europe and what these places are like. We compared them to the landscape that we studied last term and saw just how dramatically different they were, not a single mountain!

We investigated how we know about the past and what first-hand (primary sources) of evidence we can use. We also learnt that not everything you read about the past may have happened quite like that.

We used our history in other areas of the curriculum too and linked it into Literacy, Music and Art. We learnt about Legends of the era including one the oldest stories, Beowulf.

In science we had a noisy time learning about sound. It was wonderful to see investigations happening at home following our live lessons.

In the Autumn term we went on amazing adventures to the top of the world, virtually of course, as we learnt all about mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes in geography.  We dug deep as we explored what lay underneath our feet in science and looked at rocks and soils and find out about fossils.

Through our reading and writing in literacy, we  scaled the heights with Edmund Hilary and Norgay Tenzig. Using Computers, we went on virtual journeys across the world to look at the summits of mountains across different continents and used maps to locate them.

In science we  investigated rocks and fossils. We visited the church to look at what happens to stone when its been outside for years and discovered how the weather and plants can damage stone.

Take a look at some of our work below.