Rowan Class

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Welcome to Rowan Class, home of Lower Key Stage 2 (Years 3 and 4).

Spring Term ’24

Being a Gobal Game Changer

A Game Changer is an idea or a person that can make a real difference. As move through this term, we will be exploring some of histories Game Changers. In history we are looking at an ancient civilisation that made big difference and helped to shape Britain as we still know it today.

We will be exploring Europe in geography and learning more about where it is and some of the features that can be found.

In science we will begin to explore forces and magnetism and learn about the contact and non-contact forces.  Our Art and DT will be linked in with our study of Romans this term as we look at the work of Rubens and explore mosaics. In music we’ll be learning about a band that were musical game changers, The Beatles.

We’ll be looking at two big questions in RE ‘How do people respond to issues of poverty and justice? How do we make moral descisions?

Of course the core skills of Literacy and maths underpin our studies this term as we continue to develop our skills in reading for fluency and understanding, writing and our mathematical skills.

We’ll also be checking back to recall some of our learning from previous terms as we check in with a regular Pop Quiz.

This Term’s Topic