Willow Class

Welcome to the Spring Term.

We have so many exciting things planned.

During the Spring term, we are using our theme, ‘Being a Technologist’, to look back in time at toys and the Printing Press. We will look at toys that our Parents and Grandparents played with and consider how these are similar or different, to toys the children have today. We will explore Sir Tim Burners Lee’s work and how his legacy has impacted society. We will use our Design and Technology skills to explore the features of range of puppets, before planning, sewing, decorating and evaluating our own puppet.

We really enjoyed learning about ports and harbours in the Autumn Term. We will continue to look at the United Kingdom and our surrounding seas.  We will then focus on the continents and the oceans.

The children will then complete a non-European area study. We will compare this location to Colne Engaine and London. We will consider human and physical features too.

This term, we will be applying our mathematical skills in a number of different areas! We will start the term investigating money. Year 1 will be using their knowledge of place value to make different amounts of money, with the help of number lines, Numicon and cubes. While year 2 will be challenging themselves by recognising, counting and combining different coins and notes to make values up to 100 (p and £). They will then be finding change and applying what they have learnt to two step word problems. Tricky stuff!

We have been enjoying our PE lessons! We have been practising how to move to a beat and create a dance routine, linked to the beats in the sound track. Mrs Pennell has been so impressed so far!

Willow Class will be exploring how celebrations bring a community together. The children will be learning about the practices associated with the festivals of Diwali, Hanukkah and Eid. We will also be answering the big question, ‘What is prayer?’.

Mrs Columb is excited to teach the children about ‘living things and their habitats’.  As we move through the term, she will be helping the children to use their scientific skills to investigate which habitats are most suitable for the local minibeasts that we find in our school grounds, and even be creating our own habitats for them!

We are very excited to be continuing with our Forest School sessions – this is a real highlight for children and grown-ups!

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