Willow Class

Willow Class is for our Year 1 and 2 children.

This term we are being scientists investigating the Great Fire of London.

We used clues and dug up a box containing cheese, a diary and some old coins to introduce us to our topic and used these to ask questions about the past. What happened? Why did it spread so quickly? Who did the box belong to? Why was there cheese in it?! The children have shown great enthusiasm using ICT to research the Great Fire of London and are now able to answer these questions!

We have sequenced the events of the Great Fire and have written diaries just like Samuel Pepys. We have compared London then with how London looks like now and built our own city. In art we have been exploring paintings of the fire as a source of evidence but have also used these as inspiration to create our own art work. In DT we have built Tudor homes.

In Willow Class, year one children take part in Forest School- something we all look forward to!