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Who is on the WOW Wall?

Date Name Achievement
11th December


Class 1

For listening really well in the classroom and in our play.


Louie S

Class 1


For working hard to invite different children to play with him and solve problems by talking.



Class 2


For having an amazing week, excellent behaviour, great focused learning and lots of hard work!



Class 2


For making real progress ith your spellings and applying this to all of your work.



Class 2

For producing a great story with improved vocabulary.


Class 3


For excellent speaking and listening skills in Spanish


Class 3

For improved growth mindset towards problem solving in maths.


Class 3

 Improved focus and attitude towards learning.

Adam P

Class 4

 For a wonderful love of learning - each day a new door opens and Adam shines through with his amazing rtesilience and resourcefulness.  A truly inspiring young man in every way.


Class 4

A true individual who lights up class 4 with his courange and determination to be the best he can.  Alfie strives forward with giant leaps and shows that he can do anything with focus and a truly embedded growth mind-set.  What a brilliant term Alfie.....

snort snort  pig



Class 4

For a huge leap in confidence in her maths!  It is wonderful to see her courage and mind-set change and believe that she can - because she can!