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Welcome to our School Council Page




Our new School Council for 2017-18  has been elected and we are excited about working with our classes to make this year one of the best ever!


We have our own School Council logo, specially designed for us by Lucas, a graphic design student.



School Council Logo





Our new School Council members are:-

Orla, Bella, Isobel, Chloe, Zach, Logan, Amber, Ben, George C, George R


                                        schlcouncilpic1718 opt


At our meeting, we talked about what a good school council representative looks like. We decided that School Council members need to be




- ready to share other people’s ideas



We decided school council members need to be ready to

-      tell their classes all about what we talked about at our meetings

-      ask their classes what questions and idea they have that we could talk about at the meeting

-      share ideas with other school council members


We published our School Council promise, which is at the end of this report.


We talked about working with other School Councils and the kinds of projects we can work on with other schools in the Colne Valley consortium.   One of these is to talk about the charities we support in our school and why we think they are good   charities. We are also going to talk about some of the ways we have raised money for charities in our school. Other schools will share the things they have done.

We plan to choose a charity that we can ALL support and to think of a good fundraising idea that all the schools can do.


This chart shows what money the Council has been given or raised and how it is spending it





School Council Promise

Find out about the work we have been doing by reading the minutes of recent meetings:

 January 2nd 2018


January 24th 2018

February 22nd 2018