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Headteacher:  Mrs Julie Sarti

This is the report given to Governors about music in November 2012;  we hope it will give you some idea of the importance of music in the life of the school.

 There is a wide range of musical opportunities available to the children at the school;  they take up these opportunities with the greatest of enthusiasm.  Last term's opportunity to learn the treble recorder was well received in Class 3 and subsequently 6 children have chosen to take lessons on privately this term.

Curriculum music lessons are exploring the impact of music on feelings and emotions this term and Class 4 are also exploring the effect of combining image and music to create drama and suspense.

Our extra-curricular music is well supported with the school orchestra having membership of about 20 children and meeting on a monthly basis before school.  There are also recorder ensembles developing, giving some of our most experienced players a challenge playing more contemporary styles.

The school choir have got off to an exciting start, working hard to learn the material to participate in a Barnados concert at the Royal Albert Hall in early November.  We are very excited about this and also proud of Evie who has been chosen by the musical director to take on a solo role.  We are sure it will be a memorable day for all concerned.

Finally there will be a music assembly in December which will be giving the children a chance to share some of these things with everyone.