Green Farm Road, Colne Engaine, Colchester, CO6 2HA

Tel: 01787 222717

e-mail: (Mrs Sarah Cushney, School Business Manager)

Headteacher:  Mrs Julie Sarti

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53 New Street Chelmsford Essex CM1 1AT

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aerialview  Looking for a school place for a child starting in September 2019

We'd love to meet you

Appointments are still available to come and see us and find out about what we offer at Colne Engaine Primary School.

Please give us a ring on 01787 222717 or email

We'd be delighted to give you a tour and tell you all about our school.

We also have a few places in other year groups too - please give us a ring if this is of interest.

                  Julie Sarti             







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We are a small, rural church school situated in the thriving village of Colne Engaine. A strong Christian ethos, guided by our core Christian values of empathy, responsibility, integrity, compassion, equality and respect, underpins all that we do.

At Colne Engaine, we believe that children will thrive and learn if they are happy and confident, full of curiosity and determination. We believe that our job is to prepare children for life in the 21st century and we support them in developing a strong set of learning to learn skills, to be resilient, resourceful and innovative in their learning and able to work with others effectively.

The front of the school

Inspectors have noted ...

Pupils treat each other with respect and show great consideration for the needs of others. Their excellent behaviour, very positive attitudes to learning, respect for others, and their ability to work collaboratively help to generate a happy and purposeful environment for learning.

We are very proud of our innovative and exciting curriculum, based on the rigorous development of key skills, through engaging themed learning on such topics as ‘being a communicator’ or being an environmentalist. We work hard to ensure that lessons are stimulating and exciting and we strive to ensure that we meet the varied learning styles of all pupils. Giving the children opportunities to reflect on their own learning journeys and listening to their ideas and responses is central to supporting them to take responsibility for their progress.

Inspectors have noted  ...

Most lessons move learning forward at a fast pace in calm and well-managed classrooms. Teachers provide a range of imaginative and engaging activities that interest the pupils so that they are absorbed in their learning. The curriculum is outstanding because not only does it focus sharply on basic skills, but also it brings learning to life through the themes pupils study and contributes to their exceptionally positive attitudes to learning and excellent conduct. 

We are a strong team – parents and carers, staff and governors working together with our young people to help them to shine, to know when they have excelled and to know what they need to work on next.

Inspectors have noted  ...

Strong leadership from the head teacher and a challenging governing body have improved the school and developed a united staff team. Teachers promote attributes such as resilience, encourage pupils to learn by their mistakes, and promote teamwork through collaboration on tasks and in discussion. There is a strong work ethic in all classrooms and pupils are highly motivated.

 I am enormously proud of our children and I feel privileged to work with a team who care deeply about ensuring that we create the best possible learning experiences for them all.
I hope that this website gives you the opportunity to explore our school further, getting to know us through what we share with you here.

Julie Sarti